Sam Webb was born in Sydney, Australia and had her first experience with the ocean when she was just a small child. Sam’s mum had taken her to a Sydney beach, and was expecting Sam to just play in the sand as her brother had always done. Sam’s mum was shocked and surprised to see Sam walking straight into the waves. When the waves went over Sam’s head, only her mum was in panic. Sam just kept on walking!

Not long after that, on a family outing to Wollongong, Sam was given her very first sea shell, and has been an avid collector ever since. Sam’s collection of shells is now in the thousands. Sam’s interests go from A-Z, so there isn’t much that she isn’t interested in. However, the ocean and it’s creatures have always been a passion that she has kept close to her heart. In line with her love of the ocean, Sam has dived and snorkelled in a number of places around Australia, including Lady Elliott Island and Julian Rocks, as well as Vanuatu and Bali.

Sam has always enjoyed writing and poetry. Sam’s grandfather instilled a love of poetry in her at an early age, as he cheerily recited poems from Banjo Paterson, Henry Lawson and others.

Up until recently, Sam was a single parent who worked fulltime, as well as caring for her aged parents. However, Sam met up with her childhood sweetheart, and remarried in 2007. It was only then that Sam was able to put some of the poems and stories she had running around in her head onto paper. Sam currently cares for her husband’s disabled daughter of 26, and tries to find the time to continue writing.

'Ocean Whirled' was a project that took two years to write, and Sam is currently working on a sequel to Ocean Whirled, as well as some children’s stories. Sam is really pleased that her book inspired her friend, Gary Russell-Smith, to compose and play a number of musical pieces that he is currently putting onto CD. Gary’s CD ‘Oceania” will be available shortly.