My Hobbies

    One of my loves is cooking. I like to share my passions as well, especially fresh produce and seafood. Straight from the ocean is usually the best. Sadly, I grew up in an era where you could take freely from the ocean without fear of depleting fish stocks. However, due to over-fishing and other ecological problems, the oceans and its bounty are deeply affected and in danger of collapsing. We all should learn to use sustainable fisheries, and really enjoy and appreciate what we get. With that in mind, here are some of my favorite dishes.

  • SeaFood


    Specialty Seafood Lobster, Scampi and fresh Atlantic Salmon.. best sourced fresh!

  • Sumptuous Desserts


    Choco Ice Cream Sandwich Pastries, Berries and cream.. who could resist a dessert like this.. just dont over-indulge!

  • Buffet


    Mixed Buffet A buffet is best when I am catering for family or a large crowd...