• Sixteen Seconds

    Flashing now before my eyes, Is life over or just begun? All this happens — at Second One
    Silent scream of disbelief, Staring in horror, what can I do? Time drags on — to Second Two
    Impact now—My brain shuts down, metal crumples all around, Ignorant bliss, sets me free, I’ve moved on now—to Second Three
    Hands grip the wheel, feet press the floor, I’m spinning around—to Second Four
    Second impact hits my car, My thoughts are gone, I have no care, Inconceivably still alive—I slide into—Second Five
    Crumpled wreckage all around, my saviour is smashed to bits, I still don’t know—at Second Six
    Something’s stirring in my brain, voices drifting from afar, stirring now I feel the pain, second Seven—Alive again
    Sitting in my car alone, wondering what will be my fate, My hand gropes for my mobile phone, Time ticks on—to Second Eight
    A face appears—says “You’ll be fine”, Moving on to—Second Nine
    Stabbing pain, strikes again, I’m dreading now—Second Ten
    Seconds Eleven, Twelve, thirteen, It hurts to move, I want to scream.
    “Just stay still, you’ll be ok...The ambulance is on it’s way”
    A more welcome face I’ve never seen, In seconds Fourteen, fifteen And Sixteen...